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Experience the luxury of private air travel with SkySearch. Our unique air charter services are chosen by sophisticated travellers for business and personal travel, everyday. We serve CEO’s, multinational corps, blue chip companies, world’s leading travel agencies and individuals. Our services are timely, diligent and professional; so that we adhere to the air charter platform we have built with you in mind. Dismiss security lines, baggage check lines and delayed flights. Instead discover the comfort of quality assured private jets that come with a skilled and experienced team to suit your every requirement. Arrive at your destination elegantly, safely and on time.

Modern efficiency is at the heart of our services, yet we believe in good old-fashioned values to bring our clients a fitting formula. SkySearch air charter services are tailor-made to your specific itinerary, timing and budget at each flight. We pay careful attention to your individual requests to make your journey personal and extra special. If you require special attention with regard to certain aspects in your jet hire, just ask! Register and enjoy SkySearch packages designed for every type of client- industry, business and corporate or individual.

Online Aircraft Charter

Our online aircraft charter services and rates are at your fingertips so you can stay updated on the very best of private aviation. We focus on providing you with the most cost effective aviation services in the industry. SkySearch is the ultimate solution to your every air charter search. We are specialists in business travel, passenger travel, air cargo and emergency services. Our aircraft have the highest standard quality, technology and maintenance.

SkySearch air charter services have a comprehensive safety policy and privacy policy to safeguard you and ensure discretion. We operate in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Asia Pacific from our head quarters in Dubai. SkySearch owns a custom built global database to reach international customers with online aircraft charter information. Get global access with your every air charter search. With our strategic booking system and dedicated customer service, you can be assured of seamless attention to your every need.

Get instant aircraft charter rates from our website or from our mobile app to receive charter prices for over 5000 existing aircraft worldwide. View pictures of the fleet, detailed information pertaining to aircraft performance and send us your charter request.

Our air charter services guarantee industry excellence in private aviation. Therefore, get in touch with us and feel the difference, it is comfort, loyalty, dedication and luxury at its best.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile AppsSkySearch is also available as a mobile app for Iphone and Android.

Get instant charter prices on the go for over 5000 existing aircraft worldwide, view aircraft pictures, get detailed information on aircraft performance and send through your Charter request just by a tap on your mobile.

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SkySearch Universal Portal

Compare PackagesSkySearch Universal Portal is the new B2B product developed for the private charter aviation industry.

This innovative software offers indicative air charter quotes based on the latest market rates for executive jet services and passenger aircraft worldwide.

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“It’s wonderful to be able to get quotes immediatley online, it makes my job so much easier.”

— Marilyn Scantlebury

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